Our Virtual Bootcamps Help Solo Lawyers Modernize Their Legal Practices and Balance Their Lives

Our virtual bootcamps give solo lawyers and new-calls access to practical learning experiences designed to modernize their legal practice.

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What Is Your Legal Practice Modernization Strategy?

Now more than ever, lawyers and legal professionals need help adapting their practices to the digital economy.

Our virtual bootcamps are intentionally designed to teach lawyers how to use technology more effectively.

By leveraging the power of technology, we are confident that lawyers will be able to deliver more value to clients, manage remote workforces and live healthier lives.

Practical Learning Opportunities Designed By Solo Lawyers For Solo Lawyers.

Don't be overwhelmed by technology. Access the virtual resources and support you need to begin harnessing the power of technology in your practice.

  • Cohort Based Bootcamps

By advancing groups of learners through the experience together, learners are motivated to be accountable to each other by completing tasks together.

  • Practical and Convenient and Accessible

Each bootcamp is delivered through online formats that are tailored for the needs of busy legal professionals looking to modernize their solo and SmallLaw practice.

  • Communal Networking Opportunities

Our bootcamps serve as unique opportunities to build new relationships with legal practitioners who are equally as committed to modernizing legal practice.

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How We Work Together

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Standard Bookkeeping Plan?

Our Standard Plan satisfies the requirements provided by the Law Society when it comes to the maintenance of all financial books and records.

Have you worked with lawyers before?

Our remote book keeping team has ongoing working relationships with small and medium sized law firms across Ontario.

How do you secure your data?

We store all data on data servers located in Canada. Customers upload their financial records directly to the servers using our secure client portal.

What is your Lawtrepreneur Bookkeeping Plan?

A supplement to our Standard Plan, our premium Lawtrepreneur Plan is designed for law firm owners committed to using financial data to reduce the costs, increasing profit and making better business decisions.

Who is the Lawtrepreneur Bookkeeping Plan for?

The Lawtrepreneur Plan is best for law firm owners looking to track key performance indicators on a monthly basis with the goal of building a modern legal practice.

What software platforms do your bookkeepers use?

Our bookkeepers are proficient in Quickbooks Online, Xero, Wave, Freshbooks, Zoho and Cosmolex.

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