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How Well Do You Understand The Financial Fundamentals Of Your Practice?

While lawyers are trained to practice law, few lawyers understand the financial fundamentals underpinning their legal practice.

We believe every lawyer should be able to identify and understand the metrics that drive the success of their career and practice.

That's why we provide lawyers with the bookkeeping support they need to make informed business and financial decisions.

Clear Financial Reporting Even Lawyers Can Understand

Understand the financial metrics underlying your business so that you are better able to to grow your business and predict your profitability.

  • Understand Key Financial Metrics Of Your Practice

Can't decipher the financial statements of your practice? Our staff will break your financial statements down into plain English.

  • Identify Barriers To The Profitability Of Your Practice

Want to understand why your practice is not profitable? Our staff will not only identify the barriers to your profitability but opportunities to address those obstacles.

  • Access The Support You Need to Plan The Growth Of Your Practice

Looking to grow your practice? You can rely on our staff to inform the design of your strategy to expand your legal practice.

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How We Work Together

Connect With Your Bookkeeper

Provide Your Bank Records

We Deliver Your Financial Statements

Celebrate! Your Finances Are Done

Need Project Based Support? Our Team May Be Able To Help.

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Simple Pricing Designed For Solo and SmallLaw Practices


Financial Reports Tailored for Entrepreneurial Lawyers

Starting at

$600 / quarter

Everything in Standard

Monthly Summary of Key Metrics

Quarterly Cash Flow Forecast


Financial Essentials To satisfy professional responsibilities.

Starting at

$150 / month

General Account Reconciliation

Trust Account Reconciliation

Standard Business Metrics

Monthly Income Statements

Monthly Balance Sheet Statement

Monthly Profit/Loss Statement

Other Value Added Services

Modern Legal Practice Coaching

Historical Bookkeeping

Invoicing Clients On Regular Basis

Addressing Unpaid Bills

Paying vendors and/or addressing payment issues

Negotiating better prices

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