The practice of law is changing.  But what steps are you taking to adapt your career to the changes in the legal profession and the wider economy?

Use our Free Self-Assessment Guide to facilitate the design of your own strategy to build a successful legal career in an economy full of rapid cultural, social and technological change.

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The practice of law is changing. How we practice law today is not how law was practiced two decades ago. It certainly won’t be practiced the same way five years from now.  

Inertia is not an option. Adapting to the future of legal practice requires action today. Fail to take any action and you risk the future of your legal career in an economy full of change.  

Plan Your Adaptation Strategy. You need a strategy to ensure your practice remains relevant in an economy full of cultural, social and technological change. Use our Self-Assessment Guide is designed to help you think about the considerations you need to make for your legal practice.



After spending more than half a decade practicing at a small firm, I started my own firm in 2017, motivated by three factors:

  • I had a health scare which made me confront my own mortality for the first time.
  • I wanted to spend more time with my young son.
  • I was committed to adapting my career to the digital economy. 

Together, these motivations have led me on an incredible journey, re-imagining the delivery of legal services in the digital economy and in particular, how lawyers can maintain a healthy work-life balance in an age of rapid social, technological and cultural change.

In the course of this journey, I have discovered that the successful adaptation of legal practices (and frankly any business model) is the cumulative result of much smaller decisions along the way. The value is in the process, not the actual outcome itself.

This Self Assessment Guide is designed to help you consider whether your career is prepared for the economy of the future and what steps you can take today to prepare to succeed in that future.

I wish you every success.

Design Your Legal Strategy & Avoid Extinction.

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